Salary Survey Givens Jackie (sponprog) 14 Mar 1996 16:28 EST

>>Hey folks . . . long time viewer, first-time requester!  I REALLY NEED YOUR
>>HELP!   I'm currently in the position of having to determine typical
>>salaries for "Director, Sponsored Programs"  positons in the Southeast.  Our
>>personnel director conducted a survey last year of PUBLIC four-year colleges
>>and universities in Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia,
>>Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, under the
>>title "Grants Officer" because that is what our "Director of Sponsored
>>Programs " is called, and the results were that out of 59 responses, 28
>>indicated $26,333 was the median salary  for someone with 2 yrs experience,
>>and 36 indicated a median salary of $32,150 with same experience.   Salaries
>>in the 1995 College/University Personnel Association (CUPA) survey under the
>>title "Director, Sponsored Programs," at comprehensive PUBLIC institutions,
>>indicate a median salary of high $40's to mid $50's for someone with  4
>>years experience.
>>I personally don't know anyone who functions as a Director of Sponsored
Programs,with a salary in the
>>twenties and low thirties.  I think part of the discrepancy is a result of
>>the MANY different titles for this position.  So . . . if you are in the
>>southeast, and either function as, or have someone at your institution who
>>functions as a Director, Sponsored Programs (Grants and Contracts)
>>(typically reporting to a dean or Vice-President) could you please provide
>>me with the following information at your earliest convenience.:
>>                                     Institution:
>>                                     Public or Private:
>>                                     Title:
>>                                     Salary range:
>>                                    Degree:
>>                                    Years in current position:
>>                                    Years experience in grants area:
>>I will be happy to compile and post results to the list.  I would think this
>>information would be useful to everyone, particularly those fighting  for a
>>"fair" salary.  Unfortunately, I can't wait for another  SRA survey, and I
really have to have info from S.E.  My people want to compare apples with
apples (and think regional info is only way to do this).   I know this
information is very personal, but I don't know how else, to collect
>>the data and be able to compare it with with Personnel's survey.  ANY HELP
>>Jacqueline Givens
>>Coordinator, Sponsored Programs
>>Kennesaw State College
>>1000 Chastain Road
>>Kennesaw, Georgia 30144-5591
>>Phone:  (770) 423-6036
>>FAX:  (770) 499-3263
Jacqueline Givens
Coordinator, Sponsored Programs
Kennesaw State College
1000 Chastain Road
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144-5591
Phone:  (770) 423-6036
FAX:  (770) 499-3263