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Re: WWW Home Page Construction Jacquelyn.Krones@xxxxxx 30 Oct 1995 16:46 EST

Pamela Webb from UCLA just sent me this:  A beginner's Guide to HTML

You can also check Yahoo
where you will find links to html guides, style guides, converters,
editors and more.  As for editors, I wouldn't buy one until Netscape Gold
comes out in December.  It will be a browser and WYSIWYG editor all in one.

If you will be at NCURA next week, you can check out the session that
Pamela, Nancy Wilkinson, Ron Splittgerber, and I will offer on building
web pages.

Good luck!

Jacquie Krones
Research Information Manger
Arizona State University

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, Patricia A. Hagen wrote:

> Could anyone please guide me to information on constructing and
> maintaining a Web Home Page?
> Thanks...
> Patty Hagen
> Research Affairs
> The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis