Intellectual Property Policy Barbara Gray 30 Oct 1995 11:46 EST

 My institution, the College of Charleston, is a public, primarily
undergraduate teaching institution with a few graduate programs serving
regional needs.  We have about 11,000 students and about 475 roster faculty.
Our emphasis is on liberal arts--we have no engineering, medical, or other
professional schools.  Our sponsored programs volume is about $4 million a
year, with about two-thirds of that being research.  Very little funding
currently comes from private sponsors.  To the best of my knowledge, no one
at this institution has ever pursued a patent (so, of course, we have no
policy yet), but I expect some activity in the biological sciences and in
chemistry (synthesis of new organic compounds) in the near future.  We may
also eventually have new developments in computer science.

 I am looking for some model intellectual property policies that would
work well for our type of insitution.  If you have such a policy and are
willing to share it, I would be most appreciative.  You may email it to me,
fax it, or even send it snail-mail.  I'm not particular when I'm begging!

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