Re: NSF Grad. Res. Fellowships Appli. forms Bill Kirby 27 Oct 1995 08:00 EST

Readers of this list may be interested to know that NSF Graduate
Fellowship applications, as well as references, may be prepared and
submitted on the Web. Access the NSF FastLane Homepage at

Bill Kirby

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Subject: NSF Grad. Res. Fellowships Appli. forms
Author:  Research Administration Discussion Group
<xxxxxx@albnydh2.bitnet> at NOTE
Date:    10/26/95 5:46 PM

The Dean of Science sent a student to me looking for Application forms for
the NSF Graduate Research Fellowships program (Deadline: Nov. 6).  I usually
work with faculty only so I do not have the required forms in my office.
We also cannot download the files from stis.  Could someone either e-mail
or fax me copies of the forms?  We have tried contacting a human at Oak
Ridge but have not been successful.  Thanks.

Barbara Nichols Randall
Siena College
Office of Academic Affairs
Loudonville, NY  12211
e-mail: xxxxxx@siena
fax: (518)783-4184