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Support of University Sponsored Project Offices lane a. wilson 24 Oct 1995 07:25 EST

The University of Texas at Austin, Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP), is
interested in receiving your input on the following:

a) What degree of assistance does your Technology Licensing/Intellectual
Property office, General Counsel (or other office), provide to OSP in the
negotiation of research agreements with industrial/non-federal sponsors in
the areas of intellectual property, liability, and other issues?

b) The number of staff members your institution has assigned the
responsibility for negotiation of industrial/non-federal awards. (This
number should include both those staff members solely in OSP offices and
those who may be in Technology Licensing, or other University offices); and

c) The total number and value of industrial/non-federal awards which
require negotiation.

Please direct your responses to me directly or to the listserv.  Any
information provided will be used for our internal administrative use only.
Many thanks in advance for your input!

Renee Mellissinos
Contracts Specialist
UT-Austin, Office of Sponsored Projects
PH: 512/471-6424
FAX 512/471-6564