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RE- NSF PFF Program Sally Tremaine 16 Oct 1995 11:18 EST

 Subject:                               Time:12:06 PM
 OFFICE MEMO          RE:  NSF PFF Program                   Date:10/16/95

We found out on Friday that the program had been reinstated, even though I was
told over a month ago that it had been canceled for 1996.  We lodged a protest
at NSF because we feel that it will be very difficult for our PI's to prepare
competitive proposals within this short time span.  First we have to convene a
committee to review Yale's internal applicants and choose two.  Then the PI's
have to write their proposals, plus get reference letters.  All this in less
than three weeks!!!  We don't think this is fair to us.  Nor is it fair to NSF
because they won't get the high quality proposals they expect with this program.
 I urge any of you who agree to call or write the program director at NSF.
Sally Tremaine, Yale University, Grant and Contract Administration