Ohio SRA Chapter Philip A. Corcoran 05 Oct 1995 14:04 EST

TO:     Ohio SRA/NCURA  Members

WHAT:   Meeting-- Establishing an SRA State Chapter

WHEN:   Tuesday, October 10, 1995 @ 5:00 pm

WHERE:  SRA Chicago Meeting--Soldier Field Room

WHY:        This is the first meeting to discuss the establishment of  an
SRA Ohio
 Chapter.  We will discuss the benefits, purpose, and
possibilities of a state                   chapter.  Please attend this
important meeting.

WHO:    Contact Philip A. Corcoran with questions.  Tel. 216-368-2008 or e-mail

 Philip A. Corcoran
 Assistant Director
 Office of Research Administration
 Case Western Reserve University
 Cleveland, Ohio  44106-7015

Tel. (216) 368-2008
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