Re: IRB and UG class projects Barbara Gray 05 Oct 1995 15:30 EST

The IRB at the College of Charleston, a primarily undergraduate teaching
institution, has struggled with this issue during its 2.5 years of
existence and has just recently decided that "student research
projects" which are done primarily in Psychology and Education, do
not require IRB review.  We define a student research project as:

 "a project which is a normal part of the student's coursework; is
 supervised by a faculty member; has as its primary purpose the
 development of the student's research skills; does not present more
 than minimal risk to participants or to the student investigator;
 AND is not genuine research which is expected to result in
 publication or some other form of public dissemination."

If the student's project does not meet this definition, it must be
submitted to the IRB for review.  Of course, it can then be determined
exempt or can be given expedited review according to the federal regs.

We do not give any of our IRB members release time.  Our volume is so low
right now that I don't think we could justify it in terms of time devoted
to the task as perhaps larger schools with many more protocols could.  The
only request we've had here so far is for a free parking pass for our
community member.  I think we should always be sure the service that our
IRB and IACUC members provide is recognized at tenure and promotion time.

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