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Re: NIH Stipend levels Nancy Hutchinson 02 Oct 1995 15:41 EST

Stipend levels for the NRSA award for FY 1994 and until further notice (I
called and clarified with NIH Institutional Affairs) from the 3/11/94 NIH
Guide are as follows:

MARC/COR Honors Undergraduates
Freshman/Sophomores             $5,460
Juniors/Seniors                 $7,656

Predoctoral                     $10,008

Postdoctoral Years of Experience

0                               $19,608
1                               $20,700
2                               $25,600
3                               $26,900
4                               $28,200
5                               $29,500
6                               $30,800
7 or more                       $32,300

**Institutions are permitted to supplement NRSA stipends from
*non-federal* sources according to their own formally established
policies, as described in the PHS Grants Policy Statement.

Let me know if you want a fax copy of this notice posted in the NIH
guide; just send me your fax number.

Nancy Hutchinson
Office of Grants and Contracts
Nova Southeastern University