Re: NIH non-competing continuations Naegel, Gary P. 31 Mar 1995 17:49 EST

 Unless there are specific budget related issues (ie. > 25.0% carry-over,
specially restricted funds, etc.) our faculty have enjoyed the streamlined
non-competitive renewal application process without processing a budget
(wasn't that what it's all about?).

Since we do all of the post-award grant accounting administration, we
already know how the faculty have planned or committed their budgets, and
are actively involved with the regular dialogue to process these changes as
they occur.   To date, it has not been a problem.

Gary P. Naegel
Administrator, Pharmacology
Yale School of Medicine
(203) 785-4373

To: Multiple recipients of list RESADM-L
Subject: NIH non-competing continuations
Date: Friday, March 31, 1995 1:29PM

I would be interested to know how other institutions are internally handling
the NIH streamlined noncompeting continuation process.  Do you require your
faculty to submit an itemized budget internally even though it is not
to be submitted to NIH.  If so, do you do this at the proposal processing
or upon receipt of the continuation award. Are you getting any reluctance
your PIs?

If you don't request an itemized budget how do you handle allocation of the
funds once the award has been received.

Any thoughts welcome.

Dolores Markey
Office of Sponsored Programs
Boston University