Re: Clinical Trials Workshops Len Paplauskas 31 Mar 1995 07:31 EST

Scott Miller wrote:

>We are looking for some clinical trial workshops for our clinical research
>personnel to attend throughout the year.  If anyone puts on, or knows of
>different workshops, please send some info.  Thank you.


I received the following from the clinical trials list:

>Cambridge Healthtech Institute will be presenting "Designing Clinical
>Trials" on June 19-20, 1995 in San Diego, CA.
>Drug development is a complex process requiring a highly trained staff and
>numerous other resources to bring a therapeutic successfully to market. The
>costliest and riskiest component of drug development is the clinical trial
>process. This conference offers you a highly informative event where the
>issues, methodologies and methods for analysis of clinical trials,
>particularly Phase II through Phase IV, will be discussed. Learn from these
>experts how to apply proven techniques for conducting more efficient trials,
>and to do so in a more cost-effective manner.
>For more information, contact Cambridge Healthtech Institute:
> Also, visit our Webpage:
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