Re: Faculty Payments above Base Salary Jeff Wright 29 Mar 1995 10:12 EST

In the California State University system, faculty are allowed to commit
their time for up to 125% and earn additional compensation for overload
during the academic year.  As a result such circumstances as you describe
occur regularly.
To: Multiple recipients of list RESADM-L
From: Research Administration Discussion Group on Tue, Mar 28, 1995 7:07 PM
Subject: Faculty Payments above Base Salary

The project director of a grant our college has received wants to pay
several fulltime faculty members an amount above their current contracted
academic year base salaries, for work that requires a percentage of time that
is too small to justify a course release.

Can anyone please comment about whether there are circumstances under which
your academic institution allows this and if so, how time and effort
is handled?

Thanks in advance.