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|Date: 3-23-95  1:13pm
|From: Walter Schaffer:OD31:NIH
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|Subj: STTR Agreements
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Date: 3-23-95  12:40pm
From: Sonny Kreitman:OD31:NIH
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Subj: STTR Agreements
This responds to questions of Phyllis Thomas of U of CT regarding STTR
agreements allocating between small business concerns and "partnering"
research institutions intellectual property rights and rights, if any,
to carry out follow-on research, development, or commercialization.
Speaking for the NIH:  the agreement is STRICTLY between the small
business concern and the research institution; however, the agreement
has no bearing on the rights of the NIH in the STTR project (which are
the same as if it were an R01).  I think you'll find all five STTR
agencies (NIH, DOD, DOE, NASA, and NSF) to be alike on this issue.  What
WILL be different is whether the agency wants the agreement to be
included with the grant application or contract proposal from the small
business concern -- the agreement is NOT to be submitted to NIH with the
grant application, but we reserve the right to ask for a copy of it at a
later date.  Of course, the applicant small business concern MUST know
the submission requirements of the particular agency to which it is
applying.  Hope this is helpful to you!
                                               Sonny Kreitman
                                               NIH SBIR/STTR Coordinator