Capital campaigns - the answer Barbara Nichols Randall 22 Mar 1995 14:57 EST

Yesterday I sent a query to the list looking for sources of information
on endowments & capital campaigns.  Thank you to all who responded both
on the list & privately.  I have the following information to share:
Endowments - information about endowments is collected and distributed
by the Council for Aid to Education in the publication _Voluntary
Support of Education, 199x Institutional Data_.  This publication is
a the result of survey work done by the Council and the Council for
Advancement and Support of Education and also the National Association
of Independent Schools.  The information is clearly stated and easily
found in the publication.
Capital campaigns - no one is currently keeping a list of capital
campaigns.  I spoke people at the council for Advancement and Support of
Education (CASE).  They are distributing guidelines for capital campaigns
& may eventually be collecting the data in the future.  I spoke to David
Morgan who is in charge of "voluntary support profiles" for the Council on
for Aid to Education.  They do not keep that information.  Ispoke to Marty
Michaels who writes the column "Campaign Update" for _The Chronicle of
Philanthropy_.  She does not have a list.  And finally, I spoke to Marty's
counterpart at _The Chronicle of Higher Education_, Joy Mercer.  She does
not have a list but does have a file of press releases that are sent to
the Chronicle.  By going through two years back issues of _The Chronicle
of Philanthropy_ I have in my office I have found information on capital
campaigns in 12 of the 78 like-colleges I have identified.  My next step?
Back issues at the State Library, phone calls to development offices, or
passing it back to my Assistant Vice President.  If I do continue on I
will post a message to the list so that those who are interested can get
a copy.         --Barbara

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