Re: Invention Reporting Tom Eagan 21 Mar 1995 07:29 EST

Excerpts from mail: 20-Mar-95 Invention Reporting by Gerald xxxxxx@CASBAH
> We are interested in finding out how invention reporting is handled at
> other institutions.  Does the department/individual responsible for
> technology transfer take responsibility for this or is it done by
> another unit?  At Northwestern, the Office of Research and Sponsored
> Programs, which is not responsible for technology transfer, has been
> assigned this task.
At Carnegie Mellon, an invention disclosure is made to our Technology
Transfer Office.  Tech Trf notifies the Office of Sponsored Research,
who then reports the invention to the sponsor.  Negative reports, after
confirmation from the PI, are sent directly from the Office of Sponsored

Tom Eagan
Office of Sponsored Research
Carnegie Mellon University