600 and Growing Elizabeth A. Mazzella 08 Mar 1995 10:48 EST

A quick note to advise you all that we now have over 600 subscribers on

Since our membership has grown significantly in recent weeks, I will
take a moment to send out a few reminders on use of RESADM-L

Do not use any feature of your e-mail (such as FORWARD or REPLY) that
appends full text of the message you are replying to --their use generates
errors from LISTSERV because LISTSERV sees 2 TO: and 2 FROM: lines
or sees the RESADM-L address twice and advises me of the possibility of
an error (usually the messages post, but they generate the error to me anyway)
Also, such modes of responding result in lengthy messages.

When responding to a message, use the same Subject as the message to which
you are responding.

If you have the capability to use a Subject line, PLEASE DO...this allows
for "browsing" and elimination of mail that may not be of interest.

Any job postings should be clearly marked as such (again for purposes
of allowing folks to easily delete them if not interested)

Remember, if your subscription generates more than three errors within
a few days, I will delete your subscription.  Errors can be caused by
bounced mail due to servers being down or due to individual mailboxes being
full and can also result from the use of REPLY/FORWARD noted above.
If you don't see mail for a few days, you may want to send the command
REVIEW RESADM-L to xxxxxx@ALBNYDH2.BITNET  This will return the
subscriber list to you alphabetized by the letter following the @ in
the addresses.  You can see if you are still listed and if not, resubscribe.
Don't take being booted off personally!  With 600 subscribers, I cannot
investigate the cause of all errors, and must simply assume a problem
at your end :-)

If you go on vacation send the SET RESADM-L NOMAIL command to
xxxxxx@ALBNYDH2.BITNET to temporarily turn off delivery.  When you
return send the command SET RESADM-L MAIL.  This will prevent your
mailbox from filling up and bouncing mail while you are gone.

Thanks for your interest in RESADM-L :-)

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