(no subject) Linda Schwarz 06 Mar 1995 10:05 EST

I'm in the process of working with the Advancement office in defining
how to channel proposal made to private foundations that may require a
report back, or is tagged for specific research, or equipment grants. Let
me give a few examples;

Currently NSF equipment grants are coming through the Sponsored
Office, however equipment grants from a foundation are going through
the advancement office.

another example

If a Foundation grants money to the University for work on a certain
research project and would like a report back at the end of the project.

How are you channeling these proposals?
How are they classified in accounting, does finance reflect the overhead
that is being shared by the university (as they might reflect for federal
projects that don't pay full overhead).
How are these being counted in Advancement and the Office of
Programs (any double counting with footnotes).

Thanks in Advance
Anita Quinn
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487-2245 e-mail xxxxxx@mtu.edu
Anita Quinn
Director of Research Services


At Northern Illinois University, we're still conducting discussions on these
issues.  It appears, however, that the NIU Foundation does not have the
procedures in place to inventory equipment; and the Foundation folks
seem amenable at this time to acquiescing to Sponsored Projects the
foundation grants for which substantive results or reports are

Linda Schwarz