Re: Vision 2020 Barbara Nichols Randall 03 Mar 1995 14:37 EST

        This year our institution (a small private college in a suburb of
Albany, NY) has suddenly realized that they are facing a budget deficit.
The long range plans made two years ago have been pushed aside to deal with
it.  We are now working on a three year plan of cost cutting which will
undoubtedly become more draconian than currently planned due to the recent
Republican takeover in both Congress and New York State Government.  A
current estimate of loses in funds in New York State funded student support
is now expected to be a loss of approximately $945,000 in 1996.  That covers
a lot of students and will cause large numbers of them to leave school.  One
program Higher Education Opportunity Program which this is amount to
$216,552 at our college for direct student support will be gone (along with
the office staff).
        My office is a drop in the bucket one person part-time operation.  I
have already received hints that either the whole research administrative
function will end or that I will be pulled elsewhere for a chunk of the
        Here in New York State (especially in Albany) the financial outlooks
keeps getting gloomier (although it does appear that spring is here).  We
are all working with 3, 4, or 5 year plans heavy on the 2020 hindsight.  A
number of us here in Albany hope we are still employed and that our
employers still exist by the year 2020.
        Sorry to sound so dire and gloomy but this is our current reality
so you can see why most of our institutions aren't planning too far in
Barbara Nichols Randall
Siena College
Loudonville, NY