SRA Resource Guide Mike (Spanky) McCallister 31 Jan 1995 16:06 EST

John Findley's post on Liane Rief-Lehrer's new newsletter is a
perfect intro to my request (Thanks John).
I am updating the SRA Resource Guide, which first came out
about 3 years ago.  The Guide is an annotated bibliography of
print and electronic resources in sponsored programs.  With the
next version, we hope to provide the list electronically as
well as in print, so that research administrators can easily
identify appropriate resource material for funding
In the last three years many new books, newsletters, databases,
and software packages have been developed and marketed.  If you
have identified a new product that you would like to see
included in the updated Guide, would you please let me know?
As the Guide is updated and refreshed it will become an
increasingly valuable tool to those of us with limited funds
for purchasing these kinds of materials.
I'd appreciate your help.