"Grants Info Letter" John A. Finley 31 Jan 1995 14:55 EST

Some time ago I read a posting here that was complimentary of a presentation
by Dr. Liane Relf-Lehrer on grant-writing, and it mentioned a newsletter,
Grants Info Letter, being produced by her company, Tech-Write
Consultants/Erimon Associates (TWC/EA, Box 645, Belmont, MA 02178).

I wrote the company and requested a sample newsletter. Today, I received a
reply from Dr. Relf-Lehrer, and she requested that I relay to this listserv
group the information she enclosed in a flyer. Here is some of what she and
the flyer said:

The first issue of the newsletter will be mailed March 31, and it is
"primarily geared to individual investigators." The flyer says this "quarterly
digest newsletter . . . will in a matter of minutes inform
researchers/grant-seekers about new developments in funding and peer review at
NIH, NSF and, as appropriate, other funding agencies. Grants Info Letter will
also provide references so additional information about each topic can be
obtained if desired." The newsletter "will consist of about 3-5 photocopied
pages of brief summaries (these last two words are bold-faced in the flyer) of
information that researchers/grant-seekers should know about."

Obviously, I haven't seen the newsletter and can in no way comment on its
value, but I thought those who saw the original posting might be interested in
a follow-up.

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