Charge back Cynthia Guinn 30 Jan 1995 19:34 EST

I work with the computer department at ORI.  We have changed how we purchase
computer equipment throughout the years as the industry, and our situation,
have changed.  We started with a VAX mini and have moved to a complex
network of Sun Workstations, PCs and Macs.  When we had a VAX, things were
more centralized and it made sense to purchase all computer equipment
through instrumentation grants and indirect funds.  As we've moved to a
network environment, we've shifted the cost of individual PC workstations to
grant direct costs.  We've kept the cost of maintaining the network, e.g.,
equipment, staffing, and software, as an indirect expense.

We are a small non-profit organization (18 scientists, 150 staff) so we
haven't used a charge back system in the past.  We've kicked around the
possibility of doing a charge-back system now to generate funds for
computing.  Some people believe if we generate revenue, we could probably
purchase all the equipment and support needed at the institute through
indirect funds and generated revenue.

Is anyone else using a charge-back system they're happy with?  Does anyone
have any other ideas or experience in how to fairly distribute the cost of

Cynthia Guinn
Computer Services Manager