Re: Trouble with Travel anthony boccanfuso 29 Jan 1995 21:03 EST

One other option:

It is sometimes possible to save money on 2 Saturday stay tickets than to
but one full fare.  For example, if someone wanted to go to DC for a
meeting from Toledo on Feb 13 and 14 . You could buy two tickets:

1)      leaving on Feb 13 and returning on May 9

2)      returning on Feb 14 (from DC to Toledo) and going to DC on May 11
If you knwo the dates of another meeting, you can preplan the other tix
portions.  IF not, you can stil use them by paying a $35 change fee (that
gives you another ticket for $70)

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On Fri, 27 Jan 1995, Ruth Tallman wrote:

> This request is in regard to the possible problems with saving money by using
> nonrefundable/advance purchase/Sat-night-stay airline tickets.  Fares are
> cheaper with a Saturday night stay, but WHAT IF the conference/meeting doesn't
> start until Sunday evening or Monday?  Do you:
> (1)  encourage getting the lower fare and then allow the costs for hotel
> and meals on non-conference days to be charged to the grant,
> (2)  encourage getting the lower fare but disallow the non-conference days to
> be charged to the grant, OR
> (3)  encourage the researcher to travel directly to the conference and back
> regardless of the cost of the airfare?
> Along the same lines:
> (4)  IF a principal investigator has purchased a nonrefundable ticket but then
> is UNABLE to travel, do you allow the UNUSED ticket to be charged to the
> grant?
> Your responses will be appreciated!
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