Reminders on RESADM-L - Elizabeth A. Mazzella 27 Jan 1995 15:58 EST

Of late I have noted a few notes coming across RESADM-L that were
obviously intended to go to individuals and instead winded up going
to all 542+ of us.  I also saw a few that were directed to the list that
should have been sent off-line directly to the individual to whom
the response was directed.

So... time for a reminder about the concept of the list.  We all
want access to the great pool of expertise that this list represents.
The easiest way to determine whether or not you want to send something
to the list is to ask yourself -- is this something I WANT 500+ people
to read? Followed by is this something 500+ people WANT to read?

I try to set the tone of this list as "friendly" (some others are decidedly
not!). I would like to have RESADM-L be a "safe harbor" for
newcomers to the world of internet -- which many of you are. I see I have
suceeded by the admirable restraint everyone has shown in not shooting
off FLAMING messages to the few stumblers we have had in the last few weeks--
we were all there once, remember.  But, everyone needs to keep in mind
how busy many of us are and how much mail this list generates.  As
a subscriber, it is your responsibility to take care in what you
post to the list, as your posting ends up in over 542 mail logs!  Many
of us are on multiple lists and receive a great deal of mail within
our offices, extraeous mail is often not appreciated.

Due to a recent presentation I did at the Region I NCURA meeting, we
will be adding quite a few members in the coming weeks, so I will be
posting some of my "NEWBIE" stuff a few times -- for those of you
who have seen it already -- I will note it in the Subject in future
postings so you can zap it from your logs, for those of you from the
Boston meeting who have recently joined us, WELCOME!

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