Re[2]: Pending legislation James Beall 27 Jan 1995 14:57 EST

 In the Department of Energy, whether or not to start
 reducing or limiting FY 95 funding is largely an office or
 program level decision.  Some programs such as those
 involved in environmental management projects anticipate
 significant decreases in funding, other program offices may
 expect less dramatic limitations.  Folks in the scientific,
 research management level in DOE have not gotten an
 official, agency-wide, directive to limit FY 95 obligations
 to only a few months, or a particular reduced time frame, or
 by a proscribed percentage - beyond those already
 implemented in FY 95.  But, there is general and continuing
 pressure to reduce spending across the agency and some
 offices are anticipating further cuts.  I suspect that some
 DOEers who manage activities wherein larger funding cuts are
 anticipated are trying to minimize the potential of greater
 impacts on researchers later in the year, by limiting the
 time or amount of current obligations now.

 These thoughts are offered with all the appropriate
 limitations and disclaimers, etc.

          James R. Beall, Ph.D.
          U.S. DOE
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