Re: Grant Writing Workshops Nancy Watterson 19 Jan 1995 14:43 EST

When I received the request for information pertaining to Grant Writing
Workshops I immediately thought of Dr. Reif-Lehrer who presented at the
SRA Meeting/Northeast in Pittsburgh.  She recently sent information
regarding her "Grants Info Letter" (Contact to receive this information
is TWC/EA, Box 645, Belmont, MA  02178.  She is a very dynamic speaker
and always has lively talks and slides to keep this topic moving.  Her
information on grant review (sometimes dogmatic in approach) is
worthwhile as well.  I don't know of any upcoming workshops that she is
presenting but it may be worthwhile information for the RADG.list.  Also,
has anyone thought of subscribing to the quarterly newsletter?  If so,
have you received it and is it a worthwhile subscription?  Thanks, NWD