Electronic CBC, etc. Mike (Spanky) McCallister 14 Jan 1995 10:48 EST

I subscribe to OFP, also.  Since I work at a very small
(and I shall not go into THAT any further ) school, I use
OFP relentlessly. Their forwarding of FR and CBD is very adequate
for my needs.  At larger institutions I would read these turkeys
every day and 90% of the effort was wasted. OFP is a cost effective way
to get an informed read of these publications, plus much more,
and saves me time, boredom, and eyestrain.
If you need searches of back issues, they will do them for you.
I do not subscribe to the belief that only I can read announcements
with sufficient sensitivity to meet my campus needs.  This belief,
known as Research Administration hubris, helps folks fill their days
but is rarely cost effective.  OFP is timely and a labor saver.
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My institution is a member of AASCU's Office of Federal Programs.  As a
subscriber to this service, we get an e-mail bulletin twice a week that
gives a brief description, including contact information, of items in the
current FR and CBC that would be of interest to universities.  If we need
the full text of something, OFP will e-mail it to us.  This service has been
very valuable and saves wading through piles of periodicals.

If you are a member of OFP, but not taking advantage of this part of
their service, I highly recommend it.  If you are a state college or
university, but not a subscriber to OFP, try it out.  Their subscription
is pricey, but the services they offer are extremely useful.

For more information, you can reach AASCU's Office of Federal Programs at
(202) 293-7070.

or contact me:          Geri Walker, Director
 Bureau for Faculty Research
 Western Washington University
 Bellingham, WA  98225


                        (360) 650-3220