Cost/Price/Sole Source Documentation Wendy Beaver 11 Jan 1995 13:19 EST

 I'm inquiring whether anyone has forms (& would be willing to provide
 samples) that are used for documentation of verification of cost and
 price reasonableness and sole source justification for subcontracts
 issued under federal grants and contracts.

 We are in the process of devising a form that PIs can complete, which
 we will keep on file, as documentation of compliance with the
 requirements for verification of cost/price resonableness and
 justification of sole source subcontracts.

 If you would be willing to provide samples of the form(s) your
 institution uses, please contact me.

 Fax:  319-335-2130
 Phone:  319-335-2123

 Thanks for any assistance.

     Wendy Beaver
     Assistant Director
     Sponsored Programs
     University of Iowa