Re: Off the Shelf Grants Tracking Systems Andrew J. Grant 06 Jan 1995 09:40 EST

This in response to Len Paplauskas' request about proposal and grant tracking
software.  The Sponsored Projects Administrative Systems is excellent.  It's
produced by InfoEd in Albany, New York - same company that sells the SPIN
database.  InfoEd can be reached at (800) 727-6427 or  They
have a demo package on the program.  I do some marketing for the company and
will forward the request to them and make sure Len gets a demo.  Be happy to
answer any questions - I've used the system in conjunction with SPIN for at
least ten years - wouldn't promote it if I didn't use it in my own work.

Andrew Grant
Director of Grants
Baruch College/CUNY
(212) 387-1120