Pharmaceutical Budgets Rebecca B. Bacon 13 Dec 1994 07:59 EST

Am wondering how other instituions handle the following:

A clinical investigator contracts with a pharmaceutical company for
participation in a treatment protocol.  As an example, the PI is testing a
new drug in pregnant, high risk females.  Pharmaceutical reimbursement
to the PI covers almost everything but the kitchen sink.  PI is "entitled"
to submit for payment to the insurance company for "std. of care" and is
also receiving payment from the pharmaceutical company for the same services
as outlined in the protocol.  It appears there is a bit of "double dipping"
going on.  Suggestion has been made that monies received for "std. of care"
should be utilized and thus paid out for such fees.  Thus not retained by
PI as a "slush fund".  Can anyone offer insight/a solution to the situation?
Certainly this is a problem other places.

Rebecca Bacon
Director, Office of Research
Eastern Virginia Medical School