Sponsored Programs/Development & Research Foundations Barbara Nichols Randall 09 Dec 1994 09:59 EST

 In a former lifetime when I was a "Project Manager" for a federal
NEH grant to a statefunded educational institution in New York State the
only way we could manage the grant was through a Research Foundation.
Because of the politics of "hiring freezes" & "purchase approval" we were
unable to spend any of the grant monies without getting the actual approval
of the Governor's (Uncle Mario) Budget Director!  When we switched the funding
to the Research Foundation we had no trouble spending money but we could no
longer get the indirect money but we could only receive $10,000 spread over
three years.  Perhaps other indirect cost agreement include their Research
Foundations but if not the institution might have to (as was later done in
this instance) negotiate a separate rate for the Research Foundation.  Maybe
my experience is an aberration but...

Barbara Nichols Randall
Siena College
Loudonville, NY
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