Gifts vs contracts Wil B. Emmert 08 Dec 1994 09:42 EST

Linda Schwarz pointed out an interesting quagmire.  Development officers get
raises based on dollars brought in, where as research officers get (in theory
anyway) raises based on services provided to faculty.  Consequently you can
guess who fights to count every nickel brought in.

I recently donated to a Public Radio station and got a beautiful mug.  In the
course of a discussion with an IRS agent (married to a relative so I had to
talk to him), he pointed out that I could only deduct the portion of the
donation that exceed the value of the prize.  Carrying that logic one step
further, when a company gets some research conducted in return for the "gift"
don't they have to assign some value to their prize.  Another question (ain't
the IRS wonderful) if I donate a gift to the University, I must have at least
the appearance of losing control of the money.  I can donate to the Math
Department but get into trouble if I control the expenditure of the funds.
Doesn't the same thing apply to companies if they control the research which
their "gift" funds?