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 INTERPSYCH: The Internet Mental Health Research Organization

POSITION: Director of Research/Lab Department

InterPsych is looking for someone to oversee development and co-ordination of
its Research/Lab oriented sections.  Applicant must have a broad and deep
understanding of both clincally oriented research and basic research.  In
addition, an appreciation of computer specific issues and applications and
statistical analysis are required.

Administrative abilities are essential, as the job requires one to
take a leadership role in co-ordinating people and programs.  Negotiating
skills are a plus.  The applicant must also be able to commit a considerable
amount of time to the task.  This is a volunteer position at present.  As
InterPsych grows and funds become available, it will be a paid position.

The Research/Lab Department is one of three departments being established at
InterPsych.  Education and Clinical are the other two.  The Director of
the Research/Lab Department will be part of a collaborative effort to develop
InterPsych products and programs with the other two departments, outside
organizations, programmers and the rest of the InterPsych team.

If interested, send e-mail and a copy of your CV to

Ian Pitchford
Secretary, InterPsych Board of Directors

Mr Ian Pitchford
Department of Biomedical Science
University of Sheffield
Western Bank
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 742 780319