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I am Director of Administration for the Institute for Sustainable
Communities, a  non-profit organization located in Montpelier, Vermont. The
Institute promotes environmental protection, sustainable economies, and
participatory decision-making at the community level in Eastern Europe and
the former states of the Soviet Union through training, technical assistance,
and demonstration projects.

Our assistance often takes the form of subgrants that are designed to
strengthen non-governmental organizations or to support partners in
collaborative efforts. My reason for contacting you is that we are currently
reviewing our subgrant procedures with our foreign partners. They are often
cash poor which means that in most cases we must advance subgrant funds. In
addition, their capacity to effectively manage grant funds varies. We find
that we need to train and monitor subgrantees relatively frequently. Because
we require financial reports in dollars, the foreign subgrantee must develop
a means of adjusting the conversion of expenses into dollar equivalents. To
sum up there are host of special problems associated with managing a foreign
subgrant or subcontract.

What special procedures do you follow for managing foreign subgrants?  What
has your experience been with your subgrantees?  And more importantly have
you run into audit problems?

If you are not the most appropriate person to answer these questions, please
refer me to someone, or pass this message on.  The grant manager responsible
for AID agreements would be a logical choice.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Bill Ploog

Ps. I found your email address in the NCURA Directory.

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