Administrative Fees for Grants Alan A. Schreier 11 Oct 1994 12:00 EST

Last August during vacation season I posted a question to this group and
only received a few responses. Now that the new academic year is in full
swing, I would like to try it again. First, I would like to thank the
good folks who responded to my initial query.

A high percentage of the grant awards to this institution do not pay
indirect costs. We are kicking around an idea to establish a NEW DIRECT
COST, an administrative fee, for private sponsors who as a matter of
policy do not pay indirect costs. It would cover the basic
administrative costs of the setting up and administering awards. I
envision using a sliding scale for the fee so as to not overly burden
small awards. We would appreciate comments from any institution who has
tried to implement this idea. If some of you have thought of this
approach and rejected it, we would like to know your reasons.


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