Re: Relocation expenses on NRSA - Allowable? Tony Boccanfuso 04 Oct 1994 06:31 EST

>Has anyone ever charged relocation expenses to an Institutional NRSA?  We
>have a post-doc who has relocated from Texas to Chicago and we would like
>to use some of the training related expenses to pay these costs.
>I called NIH and they said "no" based on the PHS Policy, but they were not
>Domenica G. Pappas
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>Sensory Motor Performance Program
>Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
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>Chicago, IL  60611
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>fax:      (312)  908-2208
I am fairly confident that you cannot use your institutional allowance for
this purpose if you designate it for re-location.  If you cannot, I would
try to identify some other expense that could be counted against this
institutional allowance and that the postdoc will incur (travel, supplies,
etc.) and pay the re-location funds out of some other monies that would
have been used for this purpose (transitive property).

When Joellen Harper (NIH Grants Policy Office) sees your e-mail, I am sure
she can provide you the correct, "OFFICIAL" answer.