Visits around SRA Seattle Richard Tomlin 31 Jul 1994 13:53 EST

Hello.  I'm new to this list.

I plan to attend the SRA Conference in Seattle from 15-19 October, and I
would be glad of contacts/invitations to visit colleagues and learn more
about how research is planned and managed in US universities.

My itinerary is still not finalised, but it looks as though the airline
schedules will allow me a couple of days on the East Coast before the
Conference, and a couple of days based in and around Denver afterwards.

As my job title implies, I head the group in the administration here that is
concerned with the University's research activities.  This covers everything
from policy, planning and resource allocation for research, through seeking
out and securing external grants and contracts, negotiating price and
contract conditions, to overseeing the financial and project management of
external awards.

Newcastle is one of the larger UK research universities, ranking 12-14
depending on which statistics you choose to use.  We have been innovative
(and controversial) in our approach to research management; we were the
first to introduce a thorough system of internal performance appraisals and
to establish a substantial internal fund for research investment.  We have
also been successful specially in competing for European Union research
funds where we rank #2 in England behind Cambridge (and ahead of Oxford).  I
have travelled and lectured extensively in Europe on research management,
and I lead the session dealing with research on the British Council
International Seminar 'The Entrepreneurial University'.  This Seminar runs
in the UK every other year, and next year will also be repsented in
Indonesia and South Korea.  I will also be leading a series of Workshops in
Australia next year at the invitation of the Australian Vice Chancellors.

I am very much looking forward to learning about the US scene, meeting
colleagues and making new friends during my visit.

Richard Tomlin

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