Re: Dissemination of Res. Adm. Policy Charles E. Graham, Ph.D. 21 Jul 1994 11:22 EST

On Wed, 20 Jul 1994 17:16:35 EST, AEMC Office for Research Dev. wrote:

>I am curious as to how others "update" their research faculty as to the
>internal research policies.

**********> We use several methods at LSU: my preferred method is to place
a conspicuous IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT in our monthly office finding
opportunity bulletin, Research Resources, because it goes to every faculty
member and research associate. This seems to have been reasonably

We also send announcements to Deans, Directors, and Department heads, on
the theory that they will inform their faculty. However I have limited
confidence in the "trickle down" theory of information transfer, which is
why I prefer the Bulletin approach. I have also distributed notices
printed on bright colored paper to post in units on occasion: we should
probably use this approach more.

We distribute print editions of our LSU Policies and Procedures
for Sponsored Research and also have it available for reference on our
Gopher server (, in case you are interested). We
distribute updates annually and amended pages on occasion. However
faculty generally do not read lengthy P&P manuals if they can possibly help
it, and certainly won't notice changes unless alerted to them . So while the
manual has some "told you so" value, it is not enough. As a result I am
planning to create a short, easy-to-read guide to our procedures that will
refer to the manual for necessary detail. It remains to be seen how
effective this approach is.

I liked Bob Unger's observation that agencies accepted distribution
of policies and procedures that addressed federal requirements as evidence
of compliance. I will use this idea! Thanks, Bob.

I hope these comments are helpful. Best wishes, Charlie.
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