Dissemination of Res. Adm. Policy -Reply RUSTY 20 Jul 1994 14:25 EST

At the University of Central Florida (Orlando) we publish a
revised manual for Grant and Contract Administration and a
revised Proposal Writing Manual each year.  We print this in a
limited print run. (Enough for VP's, Deans, Directors, and
Department Chairs).  However, we make it available to ANYONE who
wants it within the University on a computer disk in either the
ASCII or Wordperfect format.  Both documents will very soon be
available on-line over "Pegasus", the campus LAN.
At first, these documents were updated every few years...however,
we have decided to update them every year as they have been
viewed by federal and state auditors as the "official"
promulgation of policy to our faculty for the writing and
administering of grants and contracts.  On more than one
occasion, the auditors have accepted the fact that we "had done
our job" in informing faculty of policies, rules, etc. because we
could show them that the policy was promulgated in the "official"
manuals.  Now that said manuals are maintained in an electronic
format...we are able to implement changes in policies, rules,
etc. the moment we learn of the change. This ensures that we are
up to date and that the change will appear in our next revision.
We have been very satisfied with this method.  If anyone has a
better way...would love to hear from you.

Rusty Okoniewski, Director
Division of Sponsored Research & Training (DSRT)
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