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Dissemination of Res. Adm. Policy AEMC Office for Research Dev. 20 Jul 1994 17:16 EST

We are in the midst of updating our internal policies with regard to how
researchers should use our office, what "services" we offer, and the internal
institutional routing process.

We are a large medical center whose primary function is patient care but we
also have a fair amount of research activity.  Since our researchers are mostly
doctors, they easily "forget" the policies of this Office.

I am curious as to how others "update" their research faculty as to the
internal research policies.  Ways we have been doing it include giving them a
packet of policy info. when they start; reminding them of internal procedures
when they have interest/apply for a grant; "hand hold" them through the
process when they "forget" about the procedures; and give their departmental
administrators copies of the procedures (in hopes that they will read and
nudge the investigator follow them).  We update them via "mass mailing."

I'm kicking around the idea of periodically sending the policies to the faculty
(i.e. every year) just to remind them.

Please respond to my e-mail address:

Patrick C. Ryan
Albert Einstein Medical Center
Office for Research & Technology Development
Korman Research Pavilion, Suite 100
5501 Old York Road
Philadelphia, PA  19141
215/456-3898 FAX