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SRA Seattle Meeting Domenica G. Pappas 11 Jul 1994 14:42 EST

Hi Margo,

I'm not sure if you remember me - I work with Mary Nemeth at RIC.

I was wondering if you were planning to attend the SRA Meeting in Seattle.
Like everyone else, I am looking to cut costs and an trying to look for a
roommate.  Mary suggested I contact you.  Are you interested at all in
sharing a room?

I know its a little early to think about these things -- but you know us
Research Administrators -- always a step ahead of everything (ha).

Let me know.


Domenica G. Pappas
Administrative Supervisor
Sensory Motor Performance Program
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
345 E. Superior Street, Suite 1406
Chicago, IL  60611
voice:          (312)  908-1265
fax:      (312)  908-2208