Annual Reports Celia Walker 11 Jul 1994 09:11 EST

Colorado State University publishes two types of reports related to research

1)  Quarterly report, driven by the data base of proposals submitted and
funded.  No text, just "data":  PI, title, sponsor, $$, start/stop dates.
Includes graphics depicting "performance comparisons" (YTD, last YTD,
quarterly, by college, dept., source, etc.)  and projections, such as indirect
cost recovery.  The audience is primarily internal.  Distribution is to deans,
I believe also department heads, upper administration, and the public
relations office for media queries or responses.

2)  "Research at Colorado State University" is an annual, 4-color, glossy PR
piece.  Theme changes each year--the environment, s the interaction of
teaching and research, our Centers of Excellence.  All 8 colleges are
represented in the highlighted theme--this year we covered something like 21
research projects.  We try for a balance of PIs and research.  Writing style
is for an educated but non-technical public--enough detail that a
knowledgeable scientist wouldn't think it was dippy, but that a local United
Way agency head wouldn't be lost.  Also include graphs breaking out funding by
agency, and showing total expenditure trends over 8-10 years.  Most useful
item, I've been told, is a list of research facilities and labs, contact name,
phone number, brief description.  Also has instructions on how to contract
research at CSU, and next year will include tech transfer basics.  We print
6-7,000 copies, distribute first to our own faculty  ;-), both individually
and in bulk to deans' offices for recruitment, etc.;  then to public
decision-makers (CEOs, minority businesses, government officials, selected
alumni groups, local service groups), other universities with which we
collaborate, some sponsors, Colorado media and Chambers of Commerce, etc.

Celia S. Walker
Assistant to VP Research
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