Annual Reports Liz Mazzella 11 Jul 1994 07:22 EST

To answer Elaine's question on "incremental" amounts - yes we do
report on the increment as an "award" in terms of dollars, but
unless the increment involved re-application of some sort or substantial
effort to obtain, we count only the dollars, but do not count the
increment as an "award" in terms of numbers (i.e. we received
100 awards this fiscal year").  This is a judgement call but I like
to think we are pretty consistent.

Elaine's question also raises a question that we are about to start
dealing with in earnest and I would be interested to hear how all
of you handle it.  Since the expanded authorities permit automatic
carryforward,  NIH awards can be pooled into one account rather than
issuing a separate "account" for each continuation year (we have
always tracked these using discrete account years designated
A, B, C etc.. with a like account number.  Now that we are considering
creating one lump sum budget on our accounting system that will simply
be increased with each continuation year, one of our biggest concerns
is reporting.  We want to be able to report on awards (new and continuation)
on a fiscal year basis--in effect, pull out of the lump sum, the
current year's activity -  Naturally, we will have to do this
for the ROEs as well. We do not want to loose the years of compariative data
we already have structured this way.

Has anyone out there had any particular problems or successes in
pooling their NIH awards as described above?   Any advice to offer?

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