annual reports Wm. E. Campbell 08 Jul 1994 10:10 EST

At University of Wisconsin-River Falls--a small, comprehensive,
primarily undergraduate university--I prepare an annual report
summarizing all the applications we've submitted during the year.
 I preface it with a 4-5 page written summary highlighting what
ever I want to show off, plus a few charts and graphs comparing
yearly production (applications submitted and won compared by
year, applications from each college, rates of success, total
dollars requested and funded, etc.).  I distribute it to the
folks I report to, deans, chancellor, and other central
administrators.  But after reading some of the responses to this
query, I'm thinking about broadening the distribution to
department chairs at least.  Thanks to other respondents.

Wm. E. Campbell
Director, Grants & Research
UW-River Falls