Annual Reports Liz Mazzella 08 Jul 1994 10:46 EST

At HRI we produce an semi annual Grants and Contracts Report that
includes listings by Department of all applications submitted
and grants/contracts awarded to Department of Health Investigators.

The report lists the Investigator, sponsor, title of the project and
the direct costs requested/awarded.  We also summarize total applications
and awards by sponsor type (federal/nonfederal)in a brief table showing total
submitted/awarded and direct cost dollars requested/awarded. We also include
news items of interestand summaries of special awards/projects.

The intended purpose is to "recognize the efforts" of investigators who
submit applications or receive awards --

This goes out to about 300 people in the Department of Health (Investigators,
administration, etc.)

We also produce several year to year comparison reports of awards and
applications which are sent to our Board and DOH administration

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