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NSF Forms and Annual Report Michael Ludwick 08 Jul 1994 10:43 EST

In response to Arnie Arnoff:

I have generated all the smart forms (and non-smart forms) available
on the NSF Gopher.  To do so I have had to run each form
individuallly through a shareware program called Ghostscript
Interpreter because we do not have a postscript printer.  My guess is
that if you search gopherspace for ghostscript it's probably out
there somewhere.  If you (or anyone else out there) download that
software and you need help using it, email me privately.

Honestly, if anyone out there has a better way of doing it I'd love
to hear about it; but since we don't have a postscript printer there
may not be another way.

In response to Doug Wilkerson:

William and Mary puts out an Annual Report consisting of a
listing of the externally funded grants and contracts, internal
fellowships, and publications and other scholarly and artistic
activities (talks, book reviews, etc.).  We also include graphs
showing total expeditures and expenditures by schools and
disciplines.  We even list indirect cost recovery by school and
discipline.  As you can imagine, it's not particularly stimulating.
Last year it was distributed to 715 faculty, adminstrators, etc.,
in other words, just about everyone here.

We want to revise our format and look forward to further conversation
on the subject.  I've seen other slicky-type magazine things that
highlight campus research and we'd like to perhaps encorporate that
kind of thing into our report and take out things like indirect cost
recovery an other things and most people don't look at or understand.
 Or maybe we'll just leave the annual report as is and produce
another publication that highlights research.  Or then again with
current staffing we may not have time for anything but the annual

If anyone has it in their heart to send me a copy of their annual
report, I am certainly willing to trade.  My snail mail address is
listed below.  Thanks.


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