Annual Report Ann R. Stevens 07 Jul 1994 14:35 EST

I don't recall who asked for this information, so apologies to those
of you who dislike getting responses to questions they are not
interested in.

At Emory we do the following:

l.  We generate from our proposal and award databases monthyly, semi-
annual and annual reports a Proposal Activity and an Award Activity
report.  (separate reports).  The monthly gives a breakdwon by
unit/department/faculty member all proposals submitted and all awards
received.  The semi-annual and annual give summaries of all
unite/dept. activities in proposals/awarfs, whereas the monthly
actually lists the PI, sponsor, directs, indirects, title, etc.

2.  In addition to the computerized annual report, I prepare another
annual report that narrates what we did, compares departments
activities with the previous years, discusses some of our major
thrusts, our growth over time, etc. etc., etc.

3.  The reports in (l) above go to about 110 persons including
chairs, deans, directors,, president etc.

4.  The report in (2) goes to Pres., Provost, Deans/Directors.

Hope this helps.

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