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Re: Sponsored Programs Annual Report Lisa Richman Evms 07 Jul 1994 12:20 EST

Annual Report on Sponsored Programs:

Although I did not "develop" the actual format or idea -- (credit goes to
Becca Bacon, EVMS) -- I am currently responsible for "cranking-out" such
an annual report at the close of each fiscal year!

Brief Info:

Document Use:
-- used primary
il by faculty members (and students in search of mentors) as
 a way to find out what other departments are focusing on (and who is
 sponsoring them).
-- used for MARKETING by our search committees as well as institutional

-- all department chairpersons and administrative units within the institution
-- public affairs and by request

Origin:   ****where does the info come from?********
 **and. . .  is it reliable?****
-- our info comes directly from the database in our office which monitors
 all submissions for extramural funding pertaining to our institution.

**NO, this method is NOT perfect - but, it does cut down on time (having to
go through all grant file records manually or interviewing faculty).  And,
it is reliable:  perhaps moreso than sending out a survey or seeking the info
in departmental annual reports.

all entried listed by PI, by department

Richman, Lisa, Pd.Q.

National Cancer Institute - National Institutes of Health
 "A Wonderously Complicated Title"

 *A brief sysnopsis of the program in several sentences.  I try to
 go for lay-language, but it is not always possible.

I will send the initial "inquirerer" a copy of the publication, but I am
looking forward to hearing how other institutions produce/distribute this

Lisa Richman
Eastern Virginia Medical School