Sponsored Programs Annual Report Doug Wilkerson, Ph.D., Med. Col. of Ohio 07 Jul 1994 10:47 EST

To The Group:

 We are considering developing an annual report for distribution
within and outside the institution to highlight sponsored programs.  I would
hope that this report could accomplish several things which include, but are
not limited to the following:

 1) increase the institutional awareness/appreciation of the functions
of this office
 2) recognize those individuals responsible for bringing extramural
funds into the institution
 3) provide a "marketing" tool that would highlight research activities
going on in the institution.

 I would be very interested in hearing from others who have developed
such an annual report about how the report was received and what it
accomplished.  I would also appreciate receiving copies of reports from others
so that we can get some ideas (did I say "steal" ideas?)

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