Newcomers Note with Add'l Info and Netetiquette added Liz Mazzella 06 Jul 1994 14:29 EST

Below is a re-posting of my previous message to listserv newcommers.
I would also like to add the following to my list of "things to remember
when using RESADM-L:"

REMEMBER YOUR AUDIENCE.  We now have 363 subscribers from educational
institutions, non-profits, private industry and government -- each with
the capability to forward your posting to others.  Do NOT include any
confidential, private, or other information you would not normally share
with each and every member of this group (and four or five of his or
her friends).

Below is the reposting:

 To obtain general information on LISTSERV and its various commands, send
 the following command in the form of an e-mail message to


 There should be no subject line and no other text in your message.  The
 LISTSERV will mail you back a nice little introductory users guide.

 As mentioned in the introductory memo sent to you upon subscription,
 contributions to RESADM-L are automatically archived.  You can obtain
 a list of the available archive files by sending an
 INDEX RESADM-L command to the LISTSERVER address in the same
 format noted above for GENINFO.  These files (which are monthly
 logs) can be retrieved by means of a "GET RESADM-L filetype"
 command where filetype is the filetype noted on the log returned
 to you from INDEX.  The LISTSERV also has database capabilites that
 you can learn about by sending the command INFO DATABASE to the
 xxxxxx@ALBNYDH2.BITNET, again as noted for GENINFO above.

 We are fortunate to have nearly 363 subscribers at this point, but
 unfortunately, I am not going to be able to help all of you that
 might run into problems in talking with the ALBNYDH2.BITNET listserver.
 I must request that you contact your local e-mail administrator. (My posting
 of the SET Nomail command resulted in many phonecalls as the command
 was not working for some :-()

 Chances are most of your campuses have a listserver of your own and hence,
 have someone there that knows the ins and outs of listserv software
 and how it may or may not work with your local e-mail package.

 A few final notes:

 Please don't use "REPLY" features of e-mail when talking to RESADM-L
 --the listserv sees 2 TO: and 2 FROM: fields as a result of the
 original message you are replying to being appended and it
 gets confused and sends me a notice of "possible error." Your
 message may (or may not in some cases) get to RESADM-L, but after
 3 errors being generated by your address I will boot you off the list.
 :-(  Don't take this the wrong way, anyone--it is a necessary evil
 of being a listowner.  Correspondence among 300 people makes for
 a lot of errors - the only way they can be managed is to cut them
 off at the source.

 Please don't go away for an extended period of time without turning
 off your mail (instructions for doing so are in the GENINFO document)
 Again, failure to do so may result in your box filling and mail
 starting to bounce back to me as undeliverable--again three strikes
 and you're out :-(

 Remember, if you are booted - don't take it personally and send
 me a FLAMING note (for definition of FLAMING and other internet
 etiquette such as smilies :-) and frowns :-( I recommend
 something called the BIG DUMMY'S GUIDE TO THE INTERNET)
 It's available via e-mail by sending any message to the address  Warning --its a large document 150 pages

 You can also get it by gophering to or FTP
 to with an anonymous login and your e-mail
 address as the password.

 Finally, it's available via snailmail by sending a 52 cent stamped
 disk mailer to EFF 1001 G Street NW Suite 950E, Washington DC 20001
 specify DOS MAC or AMIGA Format.

 Sorry to ramble, particularly for those of you who are
 experienced in the ways of cyberspace.

 I am thrilled by the turnout for this list and the amount of
 good information that is moving across it.  - It has been more than
 worth the time invested in start up!  Thanks again :-)

 * Elizabeth (Liz) Mazzella             xxxxxx@ALBNYDH2.BITNET  *
 * Asst. Dir. Technology Transfer & Sponsored Pgms.            *
 * Health Research, Inc. (A Non-Profit Corp.) Albany NY 12209  *
 * Voice: (518) 431-1200                    Fax: (518)431-1234 *

* Elizabeth (Liz) Mazzella             xxxxxx@ALBNYDH2.BITNET  *
* Asst. Dir. Technology Transfer & Sponsored Pgms.            *
* Health Research, Inc. (A Non-Profit Corp.) Albany NY 12209  *
* Voice: (518) 431-1200                    Fax: (518)431-1234 *