NIH Guide avail. electronically Liz Mazzella 05 Jul 1994 08:00 EST

In response to my posting of the NIH Guide publication of the
Conflict of Interest Regs and the Research Agreement with Industry
Guidelines, someone requested more information on the electronic
NIH guide.

You can receive the NIH guide electronically (and well in advance
of the paper copy) by subscribing to NIHGDE-L

At one time, only one person per institution was permitted to subscribe,
however, that ban has been lifted and subscription is open.

Simply send a subscription request to xxxxxx@JHUVM.HCF.JHU.EDU

The first line of your e-mail message should read:

Subscribe NIHGDE-L Firstname Lastname

Do not include a subject line or any nicey stuff like "thanks" or "please"--
the listserver won't care.

In terms of the Federal Register, that is available electronically
only by paid subscription as far as I know.  (Counterpoint (617)547-4515
The NIH Guide, however is FREE

One word of warning - the NIH Guide is big and may tax your e-mail
storage capacity - check with your local e-mail administrator if
you think it may cause problems.

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